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So I decided to give the oVirt virtualization platform a shot again today since in order for me to run VMWare ESX I'm going to need to drop $100+ on a new raid controller and I just don't have that right now.

This involved loading Fedora Core 18 which was easy enough and once I got things rolling with the oVirt installation using the All-In-One option shown here (after you install the RPM, read the how to's around the net, this isn't meant to be a full blown installation post):

yum install ovirt-engine-setup-plugin-allinone

In going through the setup documentation it was fairly straight forward and everything went smooth until I configured the oVirt engine.  That's when out of nowhere I lost DNS resolution.  I was able to ping, I was able to use dig but I could NOT resolve DNS.  The way that I was able to fix this was to manually add the DNS entries into the interface configuration file for the bridge that was created after oVirt finished installing.

vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ovirtmgmt

Your file should look something like this:



The lines that I had to add were DNS1 and DNS2.  I also needed to modify the gateway address but I did that through the web interface (why the DNS isn't configurable in the web console I don't know, kind of silly, but it's not).

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