VMware Mounting Shared Folder in Linux Guest

Anyone who’s used VMware at a desktop level for a while has likely run into the need to share a file from the guest operating system back to the host operating system. This post will cover options for Debian derivatives… Continue Reading


Practical NIST CSF Worksheet

A quick preemptive thank you for those that attended my talk on “Practical Application of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework” for SecureWorld Charlotte 2017. As mentioned in the presentation I’ve put together a modified version of a basic CSF worksheet that… Continue Reading


ELK Stack Parsing Apache Log Files

Anyone looking at log management for various reasons has probably heard the name ELK thrown around whenever the conversation turns to open source solutions. This stack is composed of three different tools, Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana which come together to… Continue Reading


LVM Duplicate of PV exists on unknown device

If you’re arriving at this post, clearly, things are not going well. You’ve booted up your system and wound up with some odd LVM errors (if you’ve determined that they are LVM I suppose). There’s very little definitive information out… Continue Reading


Setting a Static IP Monitoring Interface in Security Onion

It is HIGHLY recommended to try to find a way to use Security Onion as intended, with a passive (non-IP assigned) port for monitoring in a TAP configuration. Even so, sometimes a simple passive or tap port is just not… Continue Reading