Bandwidth Leakage, Oh My!

Published by Torry Crass on

Thankfully this isn't anything of huge significance.  However, upon looking through system logs recently I stumbled upon something that made me gasp for a moment.

Something had managed to suck up +8GB in a single day!

How in the hell… better yet… why in the hell would something care to do that?

As it turns out, upon further investigation, it appears to be some form of spam bot which inadvertently (or maybe on purpose) accesses every file on a site over and over again.  Unfortunately, the site that was subjected to this had some moderately sized media files.  This meant that each time the bot accessed those files, it waited until they were finished; in essence, downloading each media file many times over and using up a plethora of bandwidth as it went.

The DNS entry (which yields nothing in return if you ping it) is: 89-149-254-86.local

The IP entry for this system is

If you Google the IP it comes back on some other sites and mainly along with other site spam.

So, I've gone ahead and blocked whoever theses guys are and hopefully that will take care of the bandwidth leak.  I'd encourage anyone else to do the same.


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