Blackberry Storm2 and Error 507 on Software Update

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So tonight I decided it would be a great idea to update my new BlackBerry Storm2 (9550) phone with the latest software.  I clicked the update button from the Blackberry Desktop Software suite and sat back waiting for it to finish.

About 30 minutes later the phone rebooted and to my dismay displayed the error Software Reload: 507, not exactly what I had in mind…  Quite bricked as far as I was concerned, all the typical drop-kicking tactics did not resolve the problem (reboot, pull the battery, etc).

I messed a little but decided I'd call technical support to see if there was an easy way out.  Little did I know, the error was quite definitive.  It is caused specifically by performing an update while the laptop with the BB Desktop Software is attached to a docking station (

After the call was escalated to the next level of support it was recommended that I take it to the nearest store and have them flash it back to defaults for me and go from there.  So I dropped my phone off, went to grab a bite to eat at our favorite little Japanese (though modernized) restaurant One Bite ( and then came back an hour later only to be told they couldn't flash it because the tech that did that wasn't in.

I took the phone and determined to get it working looked into the problem myself.  I found a few articles on how to resolve the error but none of them actually worked for the problem so I thought I would post how this worked for 'my' phone.  I do "NOT" recommend doing this unless it's your last hope since I'm not sure what the correct procedure is but I thought this might give some people an option they otherwise may not have.


NOTE 1:  Beware that the BB software WILL pop up windows to the foreground which you will miss if you're doing things (like I was the first time) such as typing away in IRC.  Make sure that when you do this procedure that it is the only thing you're doing at the time.

NOTE 2:  You also need to remember that this process will completely remove all of your applications, notes, contacts, messages, and other content so if you have important things on your phone you had better talk to your vendor/phone plan provider first because you will not be able to get it back once this process is done.  Appended Note: The BlackBerry software should have done a backup before doing the update but you'd best make sure of it before hand.  NEVER do a software update like this without backing up first anyhow.

  1. Install BlackBerry Desktop Software
  2. Pull battery out of the BlackBerry (9550)
  3. Connect the BlackBerry to the computer via the USB cable.
  4. The computer should pick up the device even with limited power.  Allow it to go through and install the drivers and the BB software to pick up the device.
  5. Once the device is installed it should ask you for your device password (if you have one) input it.
  6. It should then ask you if you want to update the phone; hell yes you do, so start that process.
  7. At this point it should actually start doing things to the phone even though it's not fully powered and has only limited functionality.
  8. It will eventually hang and get stuck on a portion of the JVM installation.  Once this happens this is your key to put the battery back into the unit.
  9. Allow the unit to reboot and continue to click on the Retry button in the software until it accepts it and continues loading the JVM software.
  10. At this point, the software should finish the entire software load for the BlackBerry and reboot it.  Once it finishes rebooting, your phone should be back to defaults and operational once again.

Hopefully that's all the information needed to get your phone back up and running.  If so, great!  I'm glad it worked out for you as good as it did for me.  If not, I'm sorry it didn't and please contact your vendor for assistance.


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