Basic Linux User Administration

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Since this can be a challenge to remember in a pinch, I decided I'd post these basic linux user administration commands.  Please keep in mind that these commands/options are not the same across all distros so your milage may vary.

Lock an Account:

passwd -l {username}


Unlock an Account:

passwd -u {username}


Display Account Status:

passwd -S {username}


Note: Status is indicated by P, L, NP which is usable password, no password and locked account respectively.


Example script(s):

passwd -S -a | grep " L " | cut -d " " -f1
passwd -S -a | awk '/L/{print $1}'


Add User to Secondary Group:

RHEL/DEB: usermod -a -G {group} {username}
SLES: usermod -A {group} {username}


Expire Password:

passwd -e {username}
chage -d 0 {username}
passwd -f {username}


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