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A pile of crumpled paper balls.
Mangled scribbles.
Twisted phrases.
Damned frustration.

Liquid splatter.
Solidifies bruised black and blue.

Points cut the fibers like a knife.
The paper bleeding in it's wake.
The homicidal writer's ghost white victim.
Piles upon piles of indiscriminate genocide.

Bloody splatter.
Solidifies bruised black and blue.

Eraser cocaine.
Graphite crack.
Ink heroine.

Schizophrenic obsession.
Obsessive compulsion.
Compulsive desire.

(Drafted October 3rd, 2010; Titled and Published February 16th, 2011)

Author's Note/Spoiler:  The point of this poem is to juxtapose the imagism of poetry in relation to dark aspects of addiction with as little verbosity as possible.  This was also an attempt to write a much darker poem with slightly controversial topics since this type of poetry is something I typically avoid.  The poem attempts to convey the concept of writers block in such a way as though writing is an addiction and melt the image of a writer struggling to overcome writer's block into that of committing murder and genocide against pieces of paper in order to overcome the block.


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