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The world turns
and the wind blows

I watch my life drive on and on

the sun rises
and the rooster crows

A new dawn that I face ahead

the stars shine
the moon glows

A love I never realized

the seas crash
the volcanoes blow

Until I killed it dead

the river runs
the flowers grow

I hope that this love will grow anew
I miss it, want it, need it, yearn it
crave it, desire it. It eats within me
every moment I think of what once was
and what I so carelessly threw away
If I had but one wish to make, I’d wish
for the chance, the chance to make
things right. To give the love you’ve
always wanted, always desired. The
love I’ve finally found for you.
I wish a wish for you and me
I wish to be together for eternity.

1999 (for the one I love)
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