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Light to Dark
Dark to Light
I embark once again into the Night
Soft to Hard
Hard to Soft
I close my fists and endure the fight
Hate to Love
Love to Hate

For what I wish tis life to end
For mighty Hecate to purge my body and soul
To leave this world on a journey for better
Maybe, next it shall be right
I cast and cast again into the bitter cold moon light
Fighting, once more into the Night.
“Grant my wish, it ‘must’ be RIGHT!”

Cold bitter moon light turns to hot scouring sun bright
I hope my request is heard
I cast that spell yet have to hear the word
days go on, nights pass by
yet no word I hear so I say good bye
the world for me to see no more
I decide to leave by my own choice door
with knife I find a wrist to slash
and once again my emotions clash.
I wish to stay but tis to late.
I look forward in hopes of better fate.
but once again I find myself embarking into the night.

Unknown Date 
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