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under a brightly moonlit night sky
To the sky I reach my hand
I beg to goddess and god alike
eyes and body filled with emotion as I cry

I ask for death and worse to be my fate
it would be so much easier than living
easier than feeling so strong
I ask again release from this locked gate

love’s kiss is as perfect as Venus herself
but as I have found and feel over again
I hurt so bad as to be almost crippled
because love’s strike hurts more than death itself

it breaks my legs apart
burns my eyes and mind
hurts my soul and spirit
crushes my heart

Yet my love persists
I go on and on
search more and more
astonished that I can still exist

I feel hopeless and want to cry
I feel it once again
love aching in my soul
I truely ask again to die

yet the request will be unanswered still
and I will be again enveloped
love around me whole.
all my gaps it doth fill

I’ll find myself again once happy
wishing and praying that for once
just once it will be forever
I hope to find myself not ever unhappy

Toward the future I look and yes do see
I see happiness and fullfilment
love and contentment, real and tangible
yes, yes I look again it MUST be!

I see love and it could be definitely
a woman I love, a romance unrivaled
happyness and joy surrounding
all things I’ve searched for endlessly

I’ve found it just wait and see
I see you
I see me
I can see us in love for eternity

Unknown, probably 1997 or 1998
Categories: Poetry


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