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I step into a bold and bright room,
ever so gently gazing, almost hypnotically,
into a mirror resting on the night stand.
What is that which I see?
Green fields and happy times,
fruitful growth and accomplishments,
friends, family and the like,
joyousness which fills to the glass’s edge.
I slowly shift the mirror, the image begins to change.
A new picture with different fields;
endings and painful good-byes,
leading only to beginnings littered with exploration
of the boundaries within this looking glass.
I shift once more the images within the mirror
still astonished at the wonders it contains.
what’s this I see?
Battles won and lost, against time, against self.
Love and pain,
the weights and balances of life itself moving.
The value of one weight shifting all balance.
Experiences and influences,
things gained and yet almost all lost.
Undying love, yet hard felt cruel pain and agony.
Crippling emotions and the world crumbling, crashing
down around those luscious green fields.
My stomach clenches and heart races as I shift the glass once more.
Fog and mist.
A covering the enclosing the entire face of glass.
Thick as thick can be, almost tangible, almost cuttable.
yet wait… there is something else… a light,
a very dim and shifting light within the fog
with paths, uncertain roadways leading into the fog.
I glance up from the mirror I hold in my hand
and back down to an unchanged reflective surface gazing upon my face.
what do you see in the mirror?

Unknown, probably 1997
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