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to comprehend it is to lose its true meaning and to not understand its unimaginable power.

It is passion,













It is indescribable, and indefinable even with all the words in all the languages of the entire world.

Love is more than that.

It is, nothing less and nothing more that truly amazing.

How can anyone describe Love, you can’t.

It takes you by surprise.

It holds you hostage.

It is so powerful that it can change the entire world in an instant.  It can bring life as easily as it can death.  It can break all barriers, even in the most secure places of this world, even, inside our very souls;

it invades,

takes over and does as it will.


It is the drive that makes couples entwined so tightly that they are inseparable;

so full of each other that they can’t think of what it would be like apart.

It is what drives people mad;

what brings them back from the brink of death;

what courses through our veins.


It lays in waiting until it finds a way, until it’s able to encompass all, to rule mind, body and soul removing all rational thought.

It’s what passively eats away at us whenever it’s ignored.  And what actively pursues us when we’re least looking.

But most of all as the tears of passion streak across my cheek,

Love is the executioner of my heart.

February 2008 (For Samantha)
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