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I stare up at the ceiling wondering
what does the future hold.
I ask myself, do I see, do I know
can I see and know? Of course not.
but even blind as I am walking through
lifes days darker than empty night.
I can feel.
I feel in my heart, soul, and mind
I can hear heart screaming the direction
feel my soul pulling me toward the direction
and my mind falling in line listening,
I think for just a moment about that destination
challenging, tough, possibly painful
but, warm, caring, compassionate, loving.
questioning whether should I continue
or am I to end my journey? Knowing full well
that this could be, all and everything.
that it may finally be, but I have no way of
knowing what the inside of the package is
without it sitting in my hands being opened.
looking at the package I wonder if I dare
should I try to open it?
what if it’s empty?
what if I don’t like it?
I ponder upon unendless possibilities and options.
I think to myself why I’m so afraid,
the future I think.
I simple don’t know if I should be that bold
again I stare up at the ceiling pondering.

Unknown, probably 1996 or 1997
Categories: Poetry


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