Far Away, So Close

Published by Torry Crass on

From a distance I watch you,
from a distance I care for you
I watch you paint and draw from your feelings
a million different words and letters.
emotions running wild and heart and soul
filled with love and caring.
I see her hurt and feel it as my own,
I know your pain I feel much the same.
I look at your pictures your paintings of words
and see a woman, a person so sweet and caring.
I see a woman standing tall
through hard times, through love
through hate, and through hurt.
she thinks herself small
and feels helpless, but I see,
I see a woman much stronger than
those she feels strong,
those who hurt, hate and break her heart.
I see someone who is more than I could ever be.
This woman has my heart, in frienship, in love
I swear to my dying breath that I am here
I will be here until then and more if ever
she need a helping hand or shoulder or love.
I remain
My heart remains.

1997 (for someone not to be named)
Categories: Poetry


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