FindMyHash Output Capture Script Hash Brown

FindMyHash is a great utility for checking hashes across various sites for pre-determined hash values, accepting both single hashes and hash files with support for a large variety of hash types (MD4, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, RMD160, LM, NTLM, MYSQL, CISCO7… Continue Reading


Linux User Creation and Password Update with Simple Command Chaining

I needed to create a user, grant them super user sudo privileges, update user account passwords and expire them across a number of different servers so that the actual user could log in and be forced to change their password… Continue Reading


OpenNebula Debian Installation

Installation Time: 1.25 hrs Troubleshooting Time: 2.30 hrs So I undertook the task of installing OpenNebula today because I thought I'd explore what features and functionality it could bring to my virtual environment.  While I did not setup my environment… Continue Reading