Love’s Sorrow

Published by Torry Crass on

Another poem written for when I played the character of George Boleyn in 2008

In sweet romantic tales told by the night wind's gales
rumbling through the streets chilling everything they meet
They touch my soul to the core, causing recall of what I abhor

I want your touch one more time and to hold you close to my side;
even through the cruelest, chilling winds for the bliss
that exists when your love touches me with a warm kiss.

The days and months go by, slipping betwixt my fingers,
and yet desire in my heart still seems to linger;
but what for? All this time spent in such lustful insanity,
feeling deprived and giving my end to meet
for one last chance, another moment with you
to embrace and share in love's sweet ecstasy.

But now, instead, a trickle of tears from these eyes of sorrow
entwines my being in your absence; as still I wait.
I wait all these long days hoping on tomorrow,
wanting nothing more than even a moment to borrow;
for an instant of romance, a kiss from your lips of the brightest red.

Under time's vile oppression and heart-felt emotion I look above
yearning that one day I might see that whitest of dove pass overhead
to take you and I together with words of promise, I thee do wed.


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